Is the wind energy industry new? This is a question that more people have been asking as new and cheaper alternatives to fossil fuels begin to surface. The truth of the matter is that wind energy has been around for many years. The wind has been harnessed for a wide range of tasks, and it has been since before the Industrial Revolution began. Before electricity was invented, thousands of successful farmers were using wind energy in the form of windmills. Wind energy was also harnessed by placing sails on ships for transportation purposes. It is actually the oldest and most trusted natural resource in existence.

Unfortunately, mankind mostly relies on fossil fuels for powering vehicles and many other motorized devices. The good news is that wind is finally beginning to regain some popularity as an alternative energy source. Modern windmills can now be used to produce electricity, and many farmers are beginning to understand the benefits of using this method. Scientists are also studying the reliability of wind as a modern energy source. It is likely that this fantastic resource will continue to gain popularity as we seek out new ways to power the devices that make our lives easier.Want to know more? Go ahead: Bladeless windmills: A new source of wind energy?

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