Wind turbines mainly utilize either two or three large blades that are moved by the wind. This movement causes the rotation of a generator that provides electricity. In the past few years, wind turbine design had been under review in order to benefit wildlife and to promote better efficiency.

While most in the environmental movement heartily approve of the use of wind power, many do not like the fact that wind turbines often kill migratory birds, raptors and bats. In order to prevent bird death, a wind turbine is being designed that uses an inner compression cone. This cone houses the turbine inside of it. The cone keeps birds from being struck by the rotating blades.

Another redesign of the wind turbine to promote energy efficiency is the DARWIND5 vertical axis wind turbine. This system uses blades that stand vertically in a slightly bent position instead of the traditional horizontal blade configuration of current wind turbines. According to the designers of this system, the vertical design increases energy efficiency by at least 35 percent. At this time, the new veritical technology is mainly being used for small scale applications such as for electrical generation in private homes. Large scale wind farms using this format are possible in the future.

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