Vindicator® Optical Control System

The Vindicator® optical control system (OCS) is a ‘next generation’ wind turbine control system for utility-scale wind turbines. From its position on top of the nacelle, it simultaneously measures wind speed and direction in the approaching freestream inflow ahead of the turbine. The control system uses these real-time measurements of actual wind conditions to anticipate wind changes and optimize wind turbine performance.

Vindicator® Optical Wind Sensor

The Vindicator® optical wind sensor (OWS) is a lightweight, portable, all-weather wind assessment tool that precisely measures wind speed and direction up to 300 meters above ground—the full tip height of the largest utility scale wind turbines. The Vindicator® OWS is the ultimate tool for wind prospecting, wind resource assessment and wind turbine performance assessment—removing the guesswork from your engineering analyses using fiber optic precision.