Vindicator® Optical Control System

The Vindicator® optical control system (OCS) is a ‘next generation’ wind turbine control system for utility-scale wind turbines. From its position on top of the nacelle, it simultaneously measures wind speed and direction in the approaching freestream inflow ahead of the turbine. The control system uses these real-time measurements of actual wind conditions to anticipate wind changes and optimize wind turbine performance.

More Intelligent Control for Higher Efficiency and Reduced Maintenance

By delivering a more precise and accurate picture of wind speed and direction, the Vindicator® OCS increases wind power output and reduces wear and tear on system components.

For example, wind data measured in front of the turbine allows the control system to make proactive decisions about yaw angle and adjustment. Staying in alignment with the wind will significantly increase power output and dramatically reduce turbine stress. It can also adjust blade pitch in anticipation of sudden stress events such as high winds or sudden drops in production due to low wind conditions.

With the accurate predictive data delivered by the Vindicator® OCS, the control system can work smarter to increase efficiency, improve blade alignment, make better pitch decisions and reduce overall system stress, which will extend turbine life and cut maintenance costs.

Advanced Optical Wind Turbine Control

Simultaneously measuring wind speed and direction in the approaching wind flow using feed-forward optical control system.